The Power of Wishes

Make-A-Wish Australia has one goal: to bring the vital, healing power of a wish to every child and teenager in Australia diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.

A wish is so much more than a moment of joy: it's a carefully planned, unique journey designed to ignite hope and build resilience. And the impact is incredible. Recent studies confirm what many wish families have told us: that wishes have a powerful, positive impact on seriously ill children. They are less anxious, eat better, sleep better, and have a more optimistic outlook than their peers who don't have a wish. A wish helps children cope with treatment and motivates them through the challenges of their illness.

Wishes are as unique as the imaginations of the children who make them. Whether it's wishing to be Iron Boy, meet a dinosaur, or to see snow in Cairns- we make the impossible possible.

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