Fundraising tips

It couldn’t be easier to make a huge difference for seriously ill children through Bake A Wish! To help you get the most out of your fundraising, we’ve put together a couple of handy tips:

1. ACTIVATE your online fundraising page. This makes collecting donations easy. Even if you’re hosting an event and expect to mainly be collecting cash on the day, it’s always handy to be able to share your page with your friends on social media so people who can’t make it to your event can still donate!

2. PERSONALISE your online fundraising page. Include pictures of yourself and tell people why you’re helping to make wishes come true. Your friends want to hear your story!

3. INVITE as many people as possible to your bake!  It will be a great opportunity to catch up with people you may not have seen recently, and everyone loves an excuse for a scone or piece of cake!

4. ASK local businesses to support you. It’s always worth asking local businesses to support you by donating to your Bake or even giving you some supplies for your event- every little bit helps!

5. USE the #bakeawishau so people can see what you’re up to!

Don't forget- if you're not quite a pastry pro, or need a little bit of inspiration to get you started- we're here to help! 

Get started today!

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