A day in the life of a Make-A-Wish volunteer

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Meet Andrew
Make-A-Wish volunteer
Melbourne Branch

Andrew has been a Make-A-Wish volunteer for over six years and is regularly involved in wishes and fundraising.

Why did you choose to become a Make-A-Wish volunteer?
I wanted to be more connected and involved with my community and after hearing the Make-A-Wish story, I couldn’t go past.

What is your favourite part about being a volunteer?
For me, the wish granting process is what makes volunteering worthwhile. The exciting part is I’ve not ever had the same wish twice. Every wish child is unique and there is a level of anticipation and excitement meeting a wish child for the first time.

‘Being the face of Make-A- Wish to the wish family and playing such a special part in a child’s wish journey is truly an honour and one I value highly.’
Abbey and Dad

What is a volunteer’s role when it comes to wish granting?
We meet the wish child and their family to learn a bit about them, but more importantly, learn about the wish child’s cherished wish. 

After the wish is captured and all the designing, approvals and logistics are sorted, we then get to tell the wish child that their wish is coming true!

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How else are you involved in making wishes come true?
Sometimes the time between the great news and the wish taking place can be a number of months - for example a wish to go to the snow can only happen during snow season. We get the chance to be creative and help build the anticipation of the wish, keeping in contact with the wish child in different ways to remind them their wish is coming. This part is a lot of fun!

Abbey designing her invitations

Abbey designing her invitations

You've been working on Abbey's wish - why do you think she chose her wish to host a high tea with her best friends?
When we first met Abbey and her family, our home visit was personally catered for by Abbey with some sweet treats she had prepared for us! So it was clear from the start that she was really passionate about people and cooking.

What will Abbey be most looking forward to?
Knowing Abbey, there will be a heap of thought that will go into everything. From the time she spends with the theming crew and the chefs, all the anticipation will be building until the point Abbey can do the big reveal to all of her friends. My tip – keep an eye on Abbey at this stage for a heart melting smile full of pride.  

What would you say to others interested in volunteering for Make-A-Wish?
If you want to make a difference in the life of someone else, what better way than to volunteer with Make-A-Wish.